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Friday, September 9, 2011

Starbucks Gift Cards - 4 Non-Traditional Ways To Purchase Starbucks Gift Cards for Less

Starbucks gift cards make perfect gifts for your friends, families, coworkers, and even company clients. Starbucks is the most popular coffee shops in the US. If you live in San Francisco or any other big cities, you will see them everywhere no matter where you go.

So where can you buy discount Starbucks gift cards? Here some ideas of where you can find Starbucks gift cards for cheap.

1. eBay

eBay has a very popular gift certificate category. You will find many Starbucks gift certificates for sale. Besides their gift cards, you will find many people selling Starbucks "any drink" coupons as well. If you usually order a coffee drink that costs more than $4.00, it is worthwhile for you to buy some of these coupons. After watching multiple Starbucks "any drink" coupon auctions, I notice that most of these coupons were sold at around $3.50 to $4 each. Most sellers put multiple coupons up for auction. Some of them also package the coupons with a $5 gift card or something like that. Depending on how much you spend on your Starbucks coffee, these "any drink" coupons can be a great money saver.

2. Gift card trading websites

You can find people try to swap Starbucks gift cards for something else on many gift card swapping websites. If you have gift cards you want to get rid of and get a Starbucks gift certificate instead, these websites might be your answer.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist always have some interesting things for sale. Once in a while you will find people try to get rid of Starbucks gift cards for various reasons. You can probably get a bigger discount from Craigslist than eBay.

4. Coin counting machines

If you have a large amount of change you want to get rid of, you can use the coin counting machines in many large supermarket chains. If you turn the change in for cash, the machine would charge you a 9% processing fee. Some machines might even charge you more. If you turn your change in for gift cards instead, you will get the full cash amount. You can get a Starbucks gift card this way. Although you are not buying it for cheaper, you can get rid of the small change and pay for your Starbucks coffee at the same time without having to count penny by penny.

I hope this four ways to get Starbucks gift cards can help you to save some money on your coffee expenses every day. You can also simply buy them for your friends and family as a great gift for the coffee lovers.

Chris Leung
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Enjoy Your Cup Of Coffee With Free Starbucks Gift Cards

The idea of discount coupons and free gift cards is getting very popular. Nowadays, free gift cards are the reason of great attraction to people particularly admired by shopping lovers. Departmental stores, manufacturing companies, restaurants and many other businesses offer free cards. Starbucks coffee is the most famous among coffee lovers and is considered one of the best coffee houses in the county. It is also a fact that Starbucks coffee beverages are delicious and at the same time expensive too. But fret not as you have the option of free Starbucks gift cards.

These cards and discount coupons are not less than a blessing for people, particularly, with tight budget. These free cards help people to buy even those products which are out of their budget range. In short, free cards provide great facilitation to customers.

In order to get free Starbucks gift cards that means without paying any single penny surely, you just have to fulfill a certain criteria. There are websites which offer free cards if you take part in their promotional program. The conditions and criteria to have free Starbucks gift cards may include completion of surveys and quizzes. Well, it looks like a fair deal as you have nothing to lose here. All you have to do is to visit an authentic website that offers such advertisements. You will have no difficulty in finding one as there are many authorized promotional websites which provide very attractive offers to users.

These promotional websites have so many gifts to offer to users. Among these awards and gifts, offer of free cards is the most alluring one. By sparing your little time and taking part in online promotion program, you can win free Starbucks gift cards. But bear in mind that internet scams are very common these days and many people become victim of these scams every day. Surely, you do not want to be the next so, all you need to do is stay vigilant and not to waste your time on unknown and doubtful websites. Even there are fake telemarketers who offer you free cards and waste your time.

The process to sign in on these promotional websites is quite simple and does not take your much time. The great thing about legitimate promotional websites is that if you are not suitable or unqualified for any of their particular survey, they will still award you some points for trying.

Filling out a survey gives you certain points, so that means more survey you complete, more points you will get. Usually, one survey yields you 200 points and you are offered 3 to 4 surveys in a week.

By achieving different points, you are offered cards of different amounts; for instance, you get $5 Starbucks gift card if you achieve 1400 points. In short, with free Starbucks cards you can enjoy big, over priced but extremely delicious cups of coffee whether it is cappuccino or whip mocha without being get tensed about money.

To get real free Starbucks gift card, the most authentic resource is FreeGiftCard.

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The Starbucks Mistake

Is it safe to assume that you've have been to a Starbucks, and are familiar with the ubiquitous white cup with the round green logo on it? Somewhere on that cup is their web address: How many of you have been to The response is almost always "none." The scarce few that have are checking the balance on their Starbucks Card. Most have never even noticed the web address on the cup (this is Starbucks' first mistake). It would be a safe bet that less than .01% of their loyal customers have ever been to their website. 1000's of worldwide stores and close to a million white cup holders every day. If I am right, it's a pitiful reality.
How many white cups are brought back to work, to be left just inches from a keyboard, and the website ignored?

You should be thinking to yourself, "Why would I ever want to go to Starbuck's website?"

Obviously Starbucks themselves have not put much thought into this question, so I am going to do it for them. (Send royalty checks to...)

Starbucks needs to consider what incentive will drive their audience to their website. Not for a grande mochaccino with a shot of caramel, that's for sure...or is it?
Typical customer (read: addict): couple of trips a week, at least $5 per visit. That's $500+/year. Not cheap. Some will quadruple this figure.

Starbucks will drive their customer base to their website if their 'call to action' is alleviating the cost of the daily visit. We love free stuff, and if you are going to give us a break on our addiction... sign us up.

If Starbucks could make the customer feel like they were getting something that saved them money, but in fact were putting themselves in a position to actually spend more money, more often... now we're talking smart marketing.

Here's the solution:
Offer a conspicuous promotion on the cups. None of this fine print crap at the bottom of the cup. Send us to to sign up for coupons for our favorite beverages. Learn which products wemlike most, how often we visit, what our zip code is, and most important of all: our name and email address - all in exchange for a couple of coupons every month.

By knowing what products we like, Starbucks can now provide us with coupons for our favorite beverages.
Our frequency will signal how often to send coupons.
Our zip code will provide data on the success rate of the promotions and allow Starbucks to announce new locations.
Our name and email will help personalize the coupon and ensure that we can be contacted with our precious (soul selling) coupons.

There's a catch.
We feel lucky to be saving money on our addiction, and waiting anxiously for our bi-monthly coupon, Starbucks gets to hammer us with:

1. More opportunities to drive us into their stores - have coupon, will travel.
2. An almost free way to communicate with segmented groups of loyal customers as often as they like.
3. Perpetual branding.
4. New product announcements
5. New location announcements
6. Gift ideas for every occasion (for the Grad, for Mother's Day, Secretary's Day, Client Appreciation and on and on).
7. And if we're getting the coffee for free, you know we can't resist buying the muffin as a reward. It's a win-win. Actually, it's a Starbucks win. You buy more, much more often.

Starbucks is not adopting such an emarketing strategy, and I would be ignorant to say that they need to. However, Realtors with websites are making this same mistake, and it is costing them any chance at leveraging their traditional marketing with their web presence.

Given that Realtors typically reach as many as thousands of people on a monthly basis, I would expect that any marketing effort that yielded such poor results as the current emarketing strategy of Starbucks, would be avoided. But it's not. I see most magazine ads, business cards, newsletters, post cards, fliers, and classified ads branded with nothing more than a fine print web address. This marketing collateral is completely devoid of any 'call to action' to drive traffic to the most valuable lead generator in their arsenal.
Realtors don't need to give away coffee on their website in order to get traffic. Beer maybe... Your target audience is looking for something, that you have: Access to the MLS, home valuation reports and answers to the questions that they don't know how to ask. This is your coupon for coffee. Let your audience know that you have the tools and education that they need and to your website they will come.

1. I know the value of your home. Do you? Visit [] to find out.
2. All available properties in San Diego are posted on []
3. The Answers to the Real Estatte Questions You Are Arffaid to ask
Ans many more.
Pick a clear and effective 'call to action' and make sure it is visible on everything from your voicemail to your email signature, from your mailers to your business cards.

Starbucks shows us how to blow a chance at marketing effectively using the internet to millions. Don't expect any better results from your neighborhood farm if you are making the Starbucks Mistake!

Jim Cronin is the creator and author of The Real Estate Tomato: Mission: To Provide Realtors With A Destination For The News, Knowledge, Technology and Service They Need To Be Successful.

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